Strategic Investment Fund

This fund, for up to £40,000, will support projects that increase the impact of Scottish museums by meeting the aims of the National Strategy and which represent a new way of working for the museum which will progress their own organisational development plans.

Who can apply?

Any organisation running an Accredited museum in Scotland

How much can you apply for?

Applicants can apply for between £5,000 and £40,000. We require a minimum of 25% match funding with the exception of applications from partnerships, which will be eligible for 100% funding. 

Looking for advice prior to submitting an application?

We strongly advise that you speak to our Investment Manager about your Strategic Investment Fund application/project prior to submission. The Investment Manager will talk to you about the fund, its purpose, the criteria as well as common pitfalls in applying.

Investment Fund Surgeries

If you would like to discuss a potential application, please book a slot at one of the following surgeries. You can request a meeting in person at MGS or by phone:

Strategic Investment Fund Surgery - 4th & 8th December 2015


There will be one round of funding per year.

The closing date for complete applications will be 22 January 2016. Awards will be announced on 4 April 2016. Award recipients will have two years from the award announcement date in which to spend the award.

Further infomation and application forms are available under the Publications heading in the right hand side-bar on this page.


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