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Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship

Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship

Applications close on Friday 1st of March 2019 at 12.00 noon.  

MGS, in partnership with Sixth Sense Training have developed a Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship Programme. The programme is an opportunity for six Scottish museums or galleries to offer an existing or new employee the chance to learn new skills while undertaking a nationally recognised qualification. Through the programme the six motivated and enthusiastic learners will develop their understanding of their organisation's customers and how to engage with them. They will learn how to develop a marketing strategy and build a distinct online presence with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram that will grow your customer base and develop your digital presence. At the end of the programme the learners will gain an SCQF level 6 in Digital Marketing.

The Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship Programme continues MGS’s work to address the need for quality, affordable vocational training in Scotland’s museums, opening up new routes of entry and more diverse career paths within the sector. 

In addition to supporting the programme, Sixth Sense can provide several complimentary services from their Digital Jump Start Programme to host museums in order to maximise the learning experience and return the maximum benefit to the host museum or gallery. 

What is a Modern Apprenticeship?

Modern Apprenticeships aim to tackle Scotland’s skills gaps. They help employers to develop their workforce by training new staff, and up-skilling existing employees. For individuals, undertaking a Modern Apprenticeship lets them earn a wage and gain an industry-recognised qualification.

Museums who have supported Modern Apprenticeship have reported that the learner brought a new dynamic to their organisation, fresh ideas, encouraged current staff to reflect on their own practice, increased organisational capacity and allowed the museums to take its work in new directions.

Hosting a Modern Apprentice

We are looking for host organisations that are passionate about sustainability, passing on skills and developing a learning culture in their organisation and the wider sector.  It is important for host organisations that they want to develop their digital marketing offer and can offer a real-life environment for their learner. 89% of employers would recommend Modern Apprenticeships to their industry.

It is expected that completion of the Modern Apprenticeship will take between 9 to 12 months.

Assessment time commitment for the learners will vary however it will not impact day to day operations. Assessors will visit the apprentice at a time convenient to them to provide support and guidance for the duration of the Modern Apprenticeship.

During this time assessors will observe the learners performing their daily tasks and provide advice and guidance based on national occupational standard to help increase the learners productivity and efficiency. Beyond assessor visits the learner will be required to complete a portfolio of work that will include various forms of information that can demonstrate their competency in a subject. As the qualification is vocational there will be minimal time requirement from additional staff to support the learner.   

Applications close on Friday 1st of March 2019 at 12.00 noon.  

There are 6 places available for the Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship Programme.

About the Qualification

To attain the qualification learners must complete 65 SCQF Credits in total. This comprises:

  • 27 mandatory credits
  • 38 optional credits

Please see the qualification framework on the SQA website to view the qualification details, unit breakdown and the unit weightings. 

Who can apply

We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic learners from six museums and galleries. Learners can be new or existing staff members.

If you are hoping to appoint a new member of staff MGS, Sixth Sense or Skills Development Scotland are happy to support with the recruitiment.

  • Employers must have valid employer's liability insurance in place
  • Learners must be employed with the ability to have their marketing activities vocationally assessed
  • The learner must be contracted to work at least 16 hours per week at living wage level or above
  • Learners must have a desire to develop their skills and be able to demonstrate willingness to learn
  • Learners must be between 16 and 24 years old although learners up to the age of 29 years old will be eligible if they are care experienced or have multiple health barriers restricting their opportunities for employment
  • One learner post per host organisation
  • The host museum must be an accredited museum or in a partnership at least one of the museums must be accredited.

Learner Recruitment

We are looking for six motivated and enthusiastic learners to undertake a one-year placement at a host museum while undertaking a nationally recognised qualification Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice. 

Learners can be new or existing staff members. Applications are welcome from host organisations that are unable to highlight their proposed learner in the application process as support will be given to recruit a learner for your Modern Apprenticeship from MGS, Sixth Sense or Skills Development Scotland.

For full details of how to apply please download an application form below. 

If you have a question or wish to discuss any aspect of your application in more detail, please contact our Skills Development Manager, John Campbell.  

John Campbell

Skills Development Manager

Telephone: 0131 550 4131



Download application form

Host Organisation Application Form (DOC, 3MB)
Published 20 December 2018