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#Museums Gave To Me

Join our festive advocacy campaign

The #MuseumsGaveToMe campaign began last year, and takes place over the Twelve Days of Christmas. The first campaign was just a small, introductory part of the wider advocacy campaign. It was intended to introduce museums to the three primary messages that we hope they will work into their communications with decision-makers and stakeholders in order to support their work.

These messages, developing the Scottish Government's priority themes, are:

  • Museums play an important role in tackling inequalities;
  • Museums are crucial to local and national placemaking; and
  • Museums make a substantial economic impact

Those museums who took part in our festive Twitter campaign last year and have used our advocacy materials will have already thought about their work in this context. To see all the tweets from the 2015-2016 campaign, please visit - hopefully this will inspire you to create your own similar messages.

The 2015-2016 twitter campaign had a strong response, with more than 500 tweets sent out over the Twelve Days. Many of these were by museums themselves, both local and national, and a number of local authority museum services. Tweets from the museums were widely taken up by a range of online stakeholders, including the Edinburgh Evening News and individual members of staff in the Scottish Government. 

Examples of how museums achieve across the three themes will be tweeted out by MGS under the hashtag #MuseumsGaveToMe. We'll provide at least one example per day, set up in advance to run over the quieter festive period. Museums are encouraged to engage and tweet their own examples, thinking about how they are already delivering across these priority areas. 

To take part in the campaign this year, please download our Tweet Schedule and think of examples of how your work ties into the theme for each day. Be sure to introduce the campaign to your followers and use the hashtag to increase the impact we make collectively.