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Economic Impact Toolkit


When advocating on behalf of your museum with local, national or international decision makers it’s important you provide them with information that will align with their priorities. Illustrating economic value - or the economic benefits of your organisation or activities – will ensure your organisation fits with broader economic agendas and will help to raise your profile.

Economic Impact Analysis

Analysis of economic impact generally explores the effect of an event or organisation on the economy in a specific area. The following are generally taken into account when assessing the economic impact of an organisation:

  • Expenditure on goods and services
  • Expenditure on employees
  • The organisation’s impact on the tourism industry (number and length of stay of visitors that can be attributed to your organisation)
  • The geographical location of all the above activities.

Economic Impact Toolkit for museums and galleries

The Economic Impact Toolkit was developed on behalf of ALMA-UK – the voluntary cross-nation partnership, dedicated to enhancing the public value of archives, libraries and museums UK-wide. It enables museums and archives to demonstrate to funders and the wider community, the positive impact that their services have on local and regional economies.

The toolkit was updated in October 2017. 

It has been designed to be simple to use and tailored specifically to museums’ needs. Key elements of the toolkit are:

As an electronic resource, all calculations for user museums or archives are undertaken automatically and it has in-built processes to identify and iron-out any anomalies;

It captures volunteer contributions and is able to assign a value to this element

It converts all impacts into an overall, combined assessment for an organisation,; expressing this as a ‘jobs created’ figure, an ‘expenditure’ figure, and a ‘value added’ figure.

The toolkit and its technical annex comes complete with a guidance document which explains how to use it. It is freely available to download and use.


Download the Economic Impact Toolkit and Guidance

Economic Toolkit Guide 2016 (DOCX, 285KB) Museums and Archives Technical annex 2016 (DOCX, 65KB) Alma UK Impact Model Toolkit 2017 (XLSX, 269KB)


Economic Impact Aggregation Toolkit


If your organisation looks after more than one museum, you might wish to aggregate the findings so that you can present findings from your group of museums. This will enable you to see the impact you are having in the geographical area you represent.

The economic impact aggregation toolkit was designed alongside the economic impact toolkit and is also an electronic resource. It comes complete with a guidance document explaining how to use it. Both the aggregation toolkit and the guidance document are free to download and use.

Download the Economic Impact Aggregation Toolkit and Guidance

Aggregation Economic Toolikit Guide 2017 (DOCX, 442KB) Economic Impact Aggregation Toolkit 2018 (XLSX, 480KB)




For further information, please contact:

Heather Doherty, Research and Evaluation Manager

0131 550 4127