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Making Museum Accreditation Easier with Toolkits

Museum Accreditation is a national standard that shows the rest of the UK you have achieved a recognised standard of care and expertise for your museum, collections, visitors and staff. Our Accreditation Team here at MGS have been creating a series of tool-kits to help make planning your returns much smoother.

Time for Returns…

Accredited museums are now invited to submit a return against the 2018 Standard every five years. The good news is that the 2018 Accreditation Standard is simpler and more streamlined. However, you may have polices to update or write and it can, for some, be frustrating, confusing and seem an onerous task.

“I’m busy, my work load is massive, I’ve got exhibition deadlines and I have to get all these policies together for our Accreditation Return…I don’t know where to go to for help…”

The Accreditation Team at MGS totally understand and want to help make the process as straightforward as it can be. We’ve developed some toolkits which you can view on our accreditation application process page

MGS toolkits

Whilst Accreditation return policies are individual to each museum but there are some basic areas that all museums need to cover. Our suite of four toolkits look at emergency planningaccess planning, (the only new requirement of the 2018 Standard), collections care & conservation planning and forward planning. These toolkits are a great way to start writing your policies. They’re easy to understand and easy to share with other members of your team. They will show exactly what requirements you need to include in your policies on just one page.

We hope you will find them useful. You can contact the MGS Accreditation team for any additional help or reassurance. We’re happy to help!

Just one more thing, the New Standard

The introduction of the 2018 Standard (the 5th iteration of the Standard) and supporting guidance document have been simplified, making them clearer documents to take you through what you need to submit for your return.

Using the Accreditation toolkits alongside the Standard documents can take the worry out of your policy planning. They’ll help get you started on the road to Accreditation policy requirement domination!

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