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Communities and Crowds: opening up collections through hybrid volunteering

Discover how to collaborate with local and online volunteers to research, digitise, and open up collections.

Event information

Date: 21st August

Time: 2:30pm – 4pm

Organiser: National Museums Scotland

Venue: Online

How can members of your local community work together with online volunteers from across the world to research and digitise museum collections? A new toolkit shares how you can do this, based on the latest learning from the exciting research project, Communities and Crowds.

What is the Communities and Crowds project?

Communities and Crowds is an AHRC-funded research project that started in February 2021. It is a collaboration between researchers and curators at National Museums Scotland, National Science and Media Museum in Bradford, and the Zooniverse teams at Oxford University and the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.

The project has tested out hybrid volunteering approaches in collections digitisation. The project team worked with local volunteers to select and digitise photographs and then co-create a citizen science project for the online volunteering community, to enrich the data about the photographs.

Want to find out more?

This online session is for anyone who works or volunteers with a public collection in Scotland and wants to learn more about hybrid volunteering approaches to collections research, documentation and digitisation.

Join NMS to:

  • Learn about the Communities and Crowds project and the methods used by the team in participatory research, hybrid volunteering and online crowdsourcing
  • Discover what the project team learned and the new toolkit they have developed on hybrid volunteering
  • Consider how these methods and the toolkit could be used with your own collection
  • Give feedback on what further support would help you to run hybrid volunteering projects.

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