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Planning an Accessible Marketing Campaign

Event information

Date: 7 December

Time: 10:00 – 13:00

Organiser: Arts Marketing Association (AMA)

Venue: Online

Hosted by AMA, this workshop will help you embed accessibility into all your campaigns.

Over 17% of the general population have a disability. Yet many organisations follow a tick-box approach to disabled audiences and accessibility.

Access is often built into marketing campaigns either at the end, as a small segment of the campaign, or as a separate campaign. This doesn’t need to be the case, as whilst accessible marketing helps disabled audiences, everyone can benefit from inclusive design and accessible materials.

This workshop will give you the right tools to break down barriers, be a more inclusive organisation, and change your perception of what accessible marketing looks like.

This workshop will:

  • Explore how to build access into the start of your campaigns
  • Offer advice on creating accessible and engaging content
  • Provide tips on how to grow and build a community of disabled audiences

Please note: This will be an interactive workshop, with Q&As and breakout groups.

Any prior knowledge/experience needed to benefit from this session?

A basic understanding of the following would be beneficial, but not essential:

  • Access, including accessible marketing and formats
  • Campaigns
  • Box Office systems
  • Creating content (on Canva, Adobe Creative Studio etc.)

How do I take part?

Zoom will be used for this workshop.

Before booking, please read AMA’s online training checklist to ensure you get the most out of this training.

If you have any access requirements, please contact