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Reflecting on Co-Production and Looking Ahead to Organisational Change

Transatlantic Slavery and Legacies in Museums Forum.

Event information

Date: 7 December

Time: 10:00 – 13:00

Organiser: National Museums Liverpool

Venue: Online

This online event from National Museums Liverpool (NML) is the third in a series of sharing events. Whether you have a direct involvement with the legacies of slavery or are simply beginning to think about how your work can make conscious connections to the past, this online event is an opportunity to connect with colleagues across the sector who are engaging in different areas of work and learn together to develop our practice.

In this session NML will:

– Review their past year of activity and share key takeaways from their workshops on the different approaches to co-production.

– Look at how the dialogue on transatlantic slavery and legacies in museums has moved on since last year and the continued imperative for addressing these topics.

– Look ahead to the gaps in the discourse and identify focal points for next year’s series of discussions and workshops.

There will also be a chance to network, share your work and connect on the things you are working on.

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