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Information for existing grant holders

Information for existing grant holders

Accepting your award

You must formally accept your award, and provide information relating to any conditions on acceptance set, within one month of the date on the award letter. Failure to do so may result in the award offer being withdrawn. You must not commence work on your project until you have formally accepted the award and if there were any additional conditions of acceptance set for your award, you must wait for MGS to confirm that these have been satisfied before you begin the project.

Instructions on how to accept your award are detailed within your award letter. In order to accept an award a third person from your organisation must join the grant as a member in MGS Online. This person takes the role of financial authority and only they will be able to submit claims for the grant, although a claim can be written by any member of the grant.

Publicising your project

A great way of raising awareness of the project you plan to undertake and the fact that you have successfully bid for funding from MGS is via press and media. Publicising your grant is also a great way to raise local and national awareness of your organisation. We've created some helpful advice on what you should do when announcing your grant and how best to go about it. We are also on hand if you would like any media advice.

When publicising your project you must acknowledge MGS’s support by including our logo on all publicity and marketing materials relating to the project. Logo's should be requested from our Marketing Manager. When producing materials that feature the MGS logo visuals should be sent for approval to our Marketing Manager at We will endeavour to respond within 7 days of receipt. 

Advice on publicising your award

Keeping MGS updated and making changes to your project

It is a condition of all awards that you inform Museums Galleries Scotland of any potential delays to your project, any financial changes or any other matters arising that will affect your ability to carry out the project as described in your application. We will then be in a position to provide you with advice on how this will affect your award.

You can let us know of changes either through a project progress report submitted via MGS Online (see below for further details) or by contacting the Investment Manager directly at or on 0131 550 4115. 

If you make a request for a change to your project you must wait for written permission from MGS before you implement the change. Unauthorised changes may result in the grant being withdrawn.

Project Progress Reports

Projects receiving grants of more than £5,000 are required to schedule in regular progress reports – you will be asked to supply reporting dates at the time of accepting your award. These progress reports should be completed in MGS Online, scheduled reports appear on the specific grant’s page. It is the grant holder’s responsibility to ensure that progress reports are completed and submitted by their due date.

Claiming your grant

MGS grants are paid retrospectively – once you have incurred expenditure you should complete and submit a claim form, via MGS Online, along with proof that you have paid for the items/work listed in your claim. You can submit interim claims or just one final claim on completion of your project.

How to submit a claim

To submit a claim, log in to MGS Online and go into the relevant grant. On the main grant page you will find a section titled “Claims” and, so long as you do not already have an incomplete or unpaid claim against that grant already, you will have the option to start a new claim. 

Proof of payment

You must provide invoices for all project costs. For those items that do not generate an invoice, alternative proof of payment must be provided. This might be in the form of receipts, online payment confirmation emails or payroll extracts. It is important that what you provide clearly shows that payment has been made – delivery notes cannot be accepted and extracts from finance systems in excel must be clearly labelled to show what they are, where they have come from and what exactly they are showing. We can accept bank statements but you do not have to provide bank statements if you have provided invoices.

Percentage payments

Most of our awards are offered at a percentage of the full project costs – this percentage is clearly stated in your award letter. This means that when you submit a claim you must list, and supply proof of payment for, all project costs, not just those you wish to claim from MGS. For any claim we will only pay the award percentage of the costs listed in that claim.

If you are in receipt of one of our larger awards (>£5,000) and you received an initial upfront payment, costs covered by that payment (and their proof of payment) should be provided in your first retrospective claim for that award in addition to any further costs you wish to claim for.

Initial payments

For our larger grants (more than £5,000) you will have the option request an initial payment of 25% of your award at the time of accepting your grant. You will be asked if you wish to do so when you are completing your formal acceptance.

Final claims

You must submit your final claim form within two months of completing your project. Unless you have requested a project extension, we expect your project to complete on the date stated in your award acceptance. Failure to submit your final claim within this two month period may result in the award being withdrawn and any money already paid out being reclaimed. If you are required to complete an end of project report, payment against your final claim cannot be made until we have received your end of project report.

Payment of claims

Payments will be made by BACS. If you are unsure if we hold the correct account details for your organisation, please contact our Finance Department at or on 0131 550 4111.

End of project reports

Most projects receiving a grant of more than £2,000 will be required to complete an end of project report via MGS Online. We advise you to look at what is going to be required in your end of project report early on in your project so that you can ensure you collect the relevant information as you go along. To do so, log in to MGS Online and into the relevant grant. In the section titled “Reports” you will be able to click on the scheduled “End of Project” report. If this report is not showing in the list, please contact MGS at .

Information for projects that are not in MGS Online

If you are completing a project that is not in MGS Online please use the following links to complete claims, progress reports and end of project reports. You can inform us of any changes to your project by email to

Download a claim form

Submit a project progress report

Submit an end of project report

Submit a Recognised Collections end of project report