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Information for Grants
Fair Work First
Read our guidance on the mandatory Fair Work requirements all funding applicants need to demonstrate.
Taking part in Pride Month
June celebrates Pride Month! We've collated some examples of events, exhibitions, and online activities to help museums and galleries take part in this annual event.
Scottish Football Museum
Workforce for the Future: The Hollybrook Scottish Cup Gallery Project
A Workforce for the Future project where pupils visited the Scottish Football Museum to learn about the diversity of job roles in museums.
Taking part in Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller History Month
We've collated some resources and activity prompts to help museums and galleries commemorate this annual event.
Protecting your textiles
Textiles are common in museum collections. Displaying or storing textiles can come with risks in terms of fading or decay caused by environmental factors.
Preserving paintings and frames
This guide will examine how to look after easel paintings - defined here as any painting which can be moved - and their frames. Minimum equipment is needed.
Monitoring light and UV radiation
Monitoring light and ultraviolet radiation in your museum is an important part of environmental management. 
Metal collections care
Learn how to care for metals in your collections and protect them from degradation and damage.
Introduction to storage and display materials
Learn how to choose the correct materials for displaying and storing your items.
Introduction to human remains in museums
This introductory guide is a broad overview of displaying human remains in museums.
Introduction to environmental monitoring
Monitoring the environment of your museum is an essential part of caring for your collections. By keeping track of the condition of your museum, you can plan for the best ways to effectively preserve and protect your collections.
Introduction to disposal
Learn about the process of object disposal in this introductory guide.