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Economics of Touring Exhibitions

Date 04 October 2017
Time 10am - 4pm
Venue Waverley Gate, Edinburgh, EH1 3EG
Organiser Museums Galleries Scotland & Touring Exhibitions Group (TEG)

Museum Staff & Volunteers: £80

Non-museums sector: £130

Bundle Cost £192 - £312

About the Event

The Economics of Touring Exhibitions seminar considers the range of ways to structure a touring programme, the economic and partnership models that can be employed, how to build a consortia of venues to work with, budgeting, fundraising and sustainable touring.

The seminar draws on the findings of the Touring Exhibitions Group’s 2016 research, published in the Economics of Touring Exhibitions Survey Report: An Analysis of Touring Exhibitions Practice in the UK.

The day-long event is aimed at managers and presents a broad range of case studies and examples of good practice. It comprises the following training modules:

  • Economic and production models for touring
  • Sector awareness
  • Fundraising for touring projects
  • Sustainable touring
  • Touring in partnership

The seminar will be delivered by TEG trainer Louise Hesketh, who will work with participants to establish the building blocks, resources and knowledge to enable them to implement a strategic approach to touring.


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