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Telling it like it is: How effective copywriting can help your case for support

Using copywriting skills to build an effective case for support.

Date 22 November 2017
Time 9.45am - 4pm
Venue Betty’s Room, EVH, 5th Floor, EVH 137 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow
Organiser Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage
  • £25/£50 (+VAT)

About the Event

This one-day training session is aimed at all individuals, regardless of their existing skills or experience, who need to develop a case for support for their heritage project or cause. Offering a combination of project-based, hands-on writing exercises with tips, techniques and critical theory, the training session explores the five stages of the copywriting process in the context of putting together an effective case for support.

During the course of the session, we’ll cover off a number of topics including:

  • Articulating a vision for your case for support
  • Mapping out a communications journey
  • Distinguishing features from benefits
  • Creating a copy platform and a copy key
  • Defining and applying your tone of voice
  • Writing creative headlines
  • Crafting an elevator statement

Lunch will be provided.

This course is provided and delivered to Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage by Arts & Business Scotland.

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