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Trustee's Toolkit: Risk Management

Date 23 November 2017
Time 12pm - 2.30pm
Venue RSM UK, 52-54 Queen's Rd Aberdeen, AB15 4YE
Organiser Resourcing Scotland's Heritage
  • £25/£50 (+VAT)

About the Event

Risk Management is essential to the smooth-running and sustainability of all projects and organisations. It involves consideration of both internal and external risk factors, and an evaluation of previous areas of risk which have impacted the organisation. It asks what the organisation wants to look like in five years’ time and what challenges might be faced in getting there. The process also takes in to account what beneficiaries, regulators, partners, public and other stakeholders are telling you about the organisation.

During this session, Richard Mackie – Associate Director at RSM Risk Assurance Services LLP – will provide a step-by-step introduction to risk management for trustees working in the heritage sector.

The session will discuss ways in which the organisations might approach identifying, managing and mitigating risk, covering many topics including –

  • The building blocks of Risk Management
  • The ‘6 Steps’ of addressing Strategic Risk
  • Ways to approach recording and updating your Risk Register

The event will include an informal networking lunch, with the opportunity to share experiences and learning.

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