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Excellence And Resilience In Scotland’s Museums Highlighted In New Report

Excellence And Resilience In Scotland’s Museums Highlighted In New Report

A report highlighting the achievements of Scotland’s museums and galleries against Realising The Vision, the National Strategy Delivery Plan has been published by Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS). Entitled Realising The Vision Together, the report uses case studies from across the sector and demonstrates rich examples of excellence and resilience right across the country from 2015 to 2019.

Lucy Casot, CEO Museums Galleries Scotland, said:

“Over the period of Realising The Vision, Scotland’s museums and galleries have responded remarkably to the financial and political climate. We have seen museums and galleries form dynamic partnerships, explore new ways of working, and engage with our changing communities and audiences in new and exciting ways.

Realising The Vision Together has formed the groundwork to the next delivery plan. We look forward to continuing our work with museums, galleries and partners across Scotland and beyond to develop skills, nurture progression and reinforce aspiration.”

Realising the Vision Together highlights that over the past four years Scotland’s museums and galleries have:

  • Embraced new approaches in the way they provide access to, display, care for, conserve, acquire and dispose of collections.
  • Increased their focus on wider policy agendas, growing increasingly conscious of the positive social impacts delivered through their work and developing focused activity for target audiences.
  • Worked to attract paid staff and volunteers from diverse backgrounds, develop skills for the future for the existing workforce and share knowledge and experience in innovative and proactive ways.
  • Explored new ways of ensuring economic sustainability, whilst at the same time, many have moved the environmental sustainability agenda into their forward plans and operations.
  • Become part of Subject Specialist Partnerships and Geographical Forums, increasing opportunities for working together.
  • Worked with partners internationally or with collections of international origin or emphasis.


MGS is working with the sector and stakeholders to develop the third and final delivery plan for the current 10 year national strategy, which will be launched in early 2020. This final delivery plan will reflect the priorities identified by the sector and the evolving context within which the sector works, including the climate emergency and the forthcoming Scottish Government Culture Strategy.


Read the full report Realising The Vision Together

Published 10 October 2019