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Museums Galleries Scotland Launches Sector Consultation

Museums’ input will influence National Strategy activity

Museums Galleries Scotland Launches Sector Consultation

A key milestone in work to develop the third and final delivery plan for the ten-year national strategy for Scotland’s museums and galleries has been reached with the launch of a sector-wide consultation by Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS).

Going Further: A National Strategy for Scotland’s Museums and Galleries was published in 2012 and MGS is calling on the sector to input to ensure that the next delivery plan reflects their needs and ambitions until 2022.

Initial findings from delivery plan development work with the MGS Stakeholder Group and Board, as well as feedback from sector visits, highlighted that the six strategy aims continue to be relevant. These aims cover topics including collections; developing collaborative ways of working; workforce development; and sustainability. MGS has organised the consultation to give museums the opportunity to influence and prioritise activity to achieve the strategy aims in the current environment over the next three years.

Lucy Casot, CEO of Museums Galleries Scotland, said

“Continuing the important work to deliver the National Strategy has been a major focus since I commenced my role with MGS in January. It is important that as a sector we celebrate the opportunity of the strategy’s shared purpose, common language and means to demonstrate impact.

The plan must be grounded and current: balancing how we maximise the benefits of record visitor numbers and significant capital investment in the sector with the realities of financial challenges, all while supporting development. MGS aims to influence how we all invest our collective energy, talent and resources for the benefit of our collections, our workforce and the many people and communities that benefit from the work of Scotland’s museums. I encourage everyone working or volunteering in the sector to have their say. This is your strategy.”

MGS consulted the sector online, and is hosting facilitated events (next up, Perth, then Inverness). Join us at one of these facilitated sessions, where we will explore the six aims of the National Strategy and will drill down on feedback gathered through the online consultation.

MGS recently issued a call to the sector for examples of work to feed into the evaluation of the current delivery plan Realising the Vision, to draw out case studies of how museums are meeting the aims of the National Strategy. The information will illustrate the impact of the strategy to date and the findings and feedback from the sector consultation will shape the next delivery plan, expected to launch in January 2020.


Further information


Museums Galleries Scotland is the National Development Body for museums and galleries in Scotland and offers strategic development support, funding, advice, and skills development to the Scottish museums sector

The ten-year National Strategy for Scotland’s Museums Going Further was launched in 2012.

The first delivery plan for the National Strategy, From Strategy to Action ran up to 2015 and the second, Realising the Vision, will expire at the end of 2019. 

The six aims of Going Further are to:

  1. Maximise the potential of our collections and culture
  2. Strengthen connections between museums, people and places to inspire greater public participation, learning and well-being
  3. Empower a diverse workforce to increase their potential for the benefit of the sector and beyond
  4. Forge a sustainable future for sector organisations and encourage a culture of enterprise
  5. Foster a culture of collaboration
  6. Develop a global perspective


Article originally published 25th April 2019. Updated 19th June 2019.

Published 25 April 2019