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Museums Galleries Scotland Responds to the Climate Emergency

Museums Galleries Scotland Responds to the Climate Emergency

In response to the climate emergency Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) are taking action to increase environmental sustainability within the organisation and to support action by the sector.

In the recently launched Delivery Plan for the National Strategy, MGS has committed to acting on the Climate Emergency. MGS will promote environmental sustainability by supporting behavioural change and knowledge building across Scotland’s museums and galleries through:

  • Promoting and providing funding support for greener alternatives and approaches to capital projects and building management.
  • Working with sector experts to share best practice to operate greener museums and measure environmental impact.
  • Promoting the role of the sector in engaging the public through education and action in response to the Climate Emergency.

As part of sharing knowledge and connecting with organisations who are committed to tackling climate change MGS is pleased to announce that they have joined the Climate Heritage Network. Launched in 2019 the Climate Heritage Network aims to unite diverse actors across the arts, culture and heritage spectrum as part of the climate action movement.

MGS are making changes internally to the organisation to increase the sustainability and respond to dwindling natural resources. These changes include:

  • Improvements to waste monitoring
  • Offer wider recycling opportunities
  • Switched to recycled paper
  • Changed corporate lunches to meat free options only
  • From August 2020 our electricity supplier will be 100% renewable energy


 MGS welcomes contact from museums and galleries about initiatives they are undertaking in order to promote sustainability. Tag social media posts with #MuseumsGoGreen or email


What is the Climate Heritage Network?  

The Climate Heritage Network is a voluntary, mutual support network of local and city, state/provincial and regional, Indigenous Peoples’, and national arts, culture and heritage governmental and quasi-governmental boards, offices, ministries and site management agencies as well as NGOs, universities, businesses and other organizations committed to aiding their communities in tackling climate change and achieving the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.  More information here


Published 10 March 2020