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MGS announces £250K National Lottery Heritage Fund support for Forum Connections project

Significant Investment Announced For Geographic Museum Forums In Scotland

Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) is delighted to announce that The National Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded £250,000 to Forum Connections, a major new project by MGS to assist and champion geographic museum forums across Scotland.

During the last year MGS has increased engagement with the twelve geographic museum forums in Scotland to further awareness of regional partnerships and the impact of them on museum development and resilience. Geographic forums are peer led spaces where museums support each other through communicating and responding to regional needs. They are vital for sharing knowledge, establishing collaborative projects, and pursuing regional initiatives. The significant investment from The National Lottery Heritage Fund to Forum Connections enables MGS to support forums and encourage new collaborative working through capacity building, connections with other organisations, and access to funding.

Commencing in April 2020, Forum Connections will run for four years. The project will recruit a dedicated Forums Facilitator who will work alongside MGS staff and forum leaders. The role of the Forums Facilitator is to increase skills and confidence in partnership working through training courses and facilitated support.

The funding for Forum Connections from The National Lottery Heritage Fund enables a training programme for sector staff, with focus on forward planning, fundraising, relationship building, and evaluating projects within partnership working.

As part of Forum Connections MGS will offer a dedicated funding stream to support forums to understand and prepare for effective partnerships with each other and local organisations. The Forum Connections Fund will launch in July 2020 to support forums participating in the programme to equip themselves to deliver collaborative work that will increase the sustainability of the partner museums and their engagement with audiences.

Lucy Casot, CEO of Museums Galleries Scotland said:

“We are delighted that The National Lottery Heritage Fund has supported Forum Connections, as it is a project that responds to regional needs whilst enabling more resilient museums. Ongoing engagement by MGS with museum forums across Scotland has shown the value of the excellent work they do as responsive groups where museums work collectively. The funding enables us to build these connections together to progress collaborative working across the sector.” 

Caroline Clark, Director of Scotland of The National Lottery Heritage Fund, said: “We have long been in the business of building resilience into the individual heritage projects we support. Now we are delighted to fund an initiative which will create a network of support to many museums, allowing them to work in partnership to build their own successful futures.”

Recruitment for the Forums Facilitator post is now open. Applications will close 9 March.


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Published 16 March 2020