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Strong MSP engagement fuels another visit campaign

Strong MSP engagement fuels another visit campaign

This month Museums Galleries Scotland is recommencing their MSP visits campaign. Following the success of the project earlier this year, which spurred 16 visits by MSPs to museums in March and April, the national development body has reissued an invitation to all of Scotland’s MSPs to champion their local museums by experiencing first-hand their achievements and challenges.

So far 12 visits have been confirmed for September and October and scheduling is underway for an additional five. Locations include Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life, the Laing Museum, the David Livingstone Centre and Aberdeen Maritime Museum.

The visits have helped many smaller museums to get on their local MSP’s radar. Strong pick-up by local press has ensured that the visits are also helping the museums to raise awareness of their work.

Joanne Orr, CEO of Museums Galleries Scotland, said: “Museums play a vital role in the lives of individuals, families and communities across Scotland. Their learning and outreach work bridge inequalities in education and health provision. They enhance the experience of visitors to Scotland, bring a positive economic impact and they connect people with their community.

“We are continuing the visits campaign to support museums to raise awareness of the true value of their work and to capitalise on a clear desire by MSPs to learn about the museums in their constituencies.”

The MSP visits campaign is part of Museum Messages, an advocacy approach launched by MGS at the start of this year. As part of this, MGS developed a toolkit to assist museums to develop their own messages, tailored to their own stakeholders. MGS will be running a session about the advocacy toolkit at the MA Conference this November.

Published 01 September 2016