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Neil Ogilvy

Forums Facilitator
A light skinned person with short cropped brown hair and a brown beard, wearing a cyan t-shirt and a zip neck black hoodie, stands with their arms crossed

Neil is Forums Facilitator at Museums Galleries Scotland and works on the NLHF funded Forum Connections project. Neil works with Scotland’s geographic forums to help them develop plans to become more sustainable and resilient by organising training, providing advice, and delivering facilitated sessions in forward planning and audience development.  

Having spent his formative years living in vibrant cultures in Asia and Africa, and previously working in equalities and human rights, Neil is particularly interested in how people from a wide variety of backgrounds collaborate effectively and uses this experience and curiosity in his role. 

Outside of work, Neil has a passion for the outdoors and loves nothing more than getting away from the bustle of the city. He can often be found in the Pentlands, up a Munro, huddled in a tent or questioning his life choices as he precariously clings to the edge of a climbing wall.