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Legacy giving. Now is the time – if you do it right. Learn how to!

Date 25 March 2021
Time 11am
Venue Online
Organiser Arts & Business Scotland



£60 + VAT for Arts & Business Scotland members



£80 + VAT for non-members

About the Event

As the virus continues this is the most crucial moment in recent times to give every stakeholder the option of giving a gift in their Will.

This course is focused on how to integrate legacies into your current fundraising at little or no cost at a time when more people are making Wills than we have witnessed in decades.

Success relies entirely on:

  • Tone of voice
  • Not forcing an ask
  • Making it easy and affordable for everyone to do it!
  • Building great conversations which suit anyone you communicate with

The course will cover all the above in a way which minuses any risk but maximises the return on investment.

We will cover:

Why the time is ideal to take action now: market growth, Will making patterns and changes during covid.

How to talk and write about legacies in an upbeat but sensitive way. Tone of voice and listening skills training plus best messages to ensure no invasion of privacy during difficult sensitive times

(12 noon 10 minute break)

Where to put those messages: how to use channels to trigger interest and action

(12 45pm – 20 minute lunch break)

How to cultivate and steward prospects in sensitive times; what to do with enquirers and pledgers to ensure happiness

(2pm – 10 minute break)

How to convince the Board to take action: A practical session on ROI, current influences on the market and how to plan budgets, targets and expectations


Guidance on presentation:

  • This can be an interactive as you want it!
  •  Timing of breaks is approximate and flexible
  •  You can mute/unmute as you like
  •  Chat is also welcome


About the trainer

Richard Radcliffe has over 30 years’ experience in helping non-profits grow legacy income. He is the 2018 winner of the Lifetime Contribution to Fundraising award from the Institute of Fundraising and has worked with many Scottish charities and many of the major (and smaller!) arts and culture bodies (performing and non-performing arts) in the UK and Europe. This includes local authority funded museums, local theatres, niche arts galleries, regimental museums, botanical gardens, opera and ballet companies, festivals and many others.

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