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Introduction to object handling, packing, and labelling

Learn best practice methods for handling, packing, and labelling objects in your museum collection.

Event information

Date: 3rd October

Time: 9:30am – 4pm

Organiser: National Museums Scotland

Venue: National Museums Scotland Collections Centre, 242 West Granton Road, Granton Edinburgh EH5 1JA

Cost: Free

Good object handling and packing is important. It provides protection, support and stability to the object and helps prevent accidental damage when it is in storage or being moved. It is also crucial to label objects accurately and safely. This avoids the loss of an object’s history and its importance to the collection and reduces the risk of disassociation, one of the causes of deterioration for museum objects.

What will the training cover?

This training will share methods used by National Museums Scotland as a guide to handling, packing, and labelling your collections. It will involve a morning session on object handling and packing and an afternoon session on object labelling. These sessions will enable you to:

  • Gain skills and confidence in handling a variety of museum objects, and know when to involve a specialist or use specialist equipment
  • Understand how to pack objects safely, using best practice methods and appropriate materials
  • Understand how to label objects safely and accurately, using best practice methods and appropriate materials.

The training will provide practical advice, demonstrations, and information on other resources and networks. There will also be time throughout the day to meet peers from other museums and share learning.

Who is the training for?

This training is for people who:

  • Work or volunteer for an organisation that holds a public collection in Scotland and
  • Need to develop their knowledge and skills to help care for their organisation’s collection.

What else do I need to know?

Our training events are usually very popular. We would love to support everyone, but due to space and resource we have limited places. Please therefore note that:

  • Registering for a spot lets us know that you would like to attend; it does not automatically guarantee you a place.
  • If we’re oversubscribed, we’ll use the information provided in the order forms to prioritise people who can immediately apply the training to benefit their organisation’s collection.
  • We will contact you at least four weeks before the training to let you know if your place is confirmed.
  • We usually ask that only one person from your organisation attend.

The training is free and lunch and refreshments will be provided.

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