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Museum Accreditation

The Accreditation Scheme is a voluntary scheme that sets nationally agreed standards for museums in the UK, and Museums Galleries Scotland is the assessing organisation in Scotland.

The entrance to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses. It is a black arch with red wooden panels, set into a stone wall.

Accreditation Mentors

Accreditation Mentors are individuals who willingly offer their time and expertise to support other museums working to achieve the Accreditation standard. Find out what’s expected of Mentors and how to apply

Two adults with light skin observe ‘Gravity’, a print by Nigerian-born artist Ade Adesina, at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre.

Accreditation Return Schedule

Museums who hold the full Accreditation standard are invited to submit a return application every five years. View the Returns Schedule for your expected invitation date.

Accredited Museums in Scotland

There are currently 256 museums in Scotland who hold the Accreditation Standard. View them on our map of Scotland's Museums and Galleries

Museums & Galleries Map
Frequently Asked Questions about the scheme

Museums Galleries Scotland, and our UK Accreditation partners, Arts Council England, the Welsh Government, and Northern Ireland Museums Council, recognise that many museums are closing their sites due to the impact of Covid-19 and in response to Government advice.

In order to support the sector during these unprecedented times all Accredited museums in the UK, your current Accreditation award status is being further extended for an additional 12 months to 1 April 2022.

Can we join the Accreditation Scheme?

Yes. We are still processing Accreditation Eligibility questionnaires to allow museums to achieve Working Towards Accreditation status.

Information on the eligibility process is available on our website. Please note that it will take 6 weeks for MGS to assess any eligibility application. Please do phone or email Jenny or Victoria and we can provide help and advice.