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Social Media Guidelines

This document refers to our guidelines for social media use.

Our Guidelines

Caring For Each Other:

As the National Development Body for museums and galleries in Scotland we use social media to share news, events, and information with the sector. We love seeing posts about museums and galleries and it is one of our tools for keeping in touch with them. At points during the year we also run public facing campaigns that celebrate museums and galleries through posts and videos. 

Our social media content reflects the conversations we have with museums and galleries and the work we do together. It is informative and supports discussion in order to aid the sector to navigate a range, of sometimes complextopics. Our content regularly covers grants, workforce development, fair work, wellbeing, the climate crisis, and anti-racism.    

We share content, take part in conversations and respond to enquiries with care, respect, and tolerance for others.   

Our Working Hours:

We monitor social media regularly between 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri. Outside of these hours we may not respond.  

We aim to respond to enquiries on social media within 24 hours during Monday- Friday, but we are a small team and it may take longer to answer. For urgent enquiries or to speak to someone directly we recommend contacting us a0131 550 4100 or  


Conversation and debate are welcome on our social media channelsWe expect users to practice tolerance and respect for alternative viewpoints and remember that behind social media accounts are people. 

We do not tolerate contributions that use obscene, violent, abusive, discriminatory, defamatory, unlawful or threatening language or imageryThis is potentially harmful for our staff and social media audience. We do not tolerate this. Users posting this content may have their comments hidden or removed, not receive a response to direct messages and offenders may be blocked. We may report users posting this language or imagery to the associated social media platforms. 

Each social media platform has their own set of guidelines for use and users violating these are not tolerated by usViolation of these guidelines may result in comments being hidden or removed and users may be blocked.  


We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of social media platforms or users.  

Posts and comments on our channels that include email addresses, phone numbers or other personal or identifiable information may be removed.  

Our privacy policy can be read at   

Accuracy of information: 

We put considerable effort into ensuring that information is correct at time of publishing. When linking to other organisations we do our best to ensure information is correct, but we are not responsible for other organisations accuracy. Retweets are not endorsements. 


We use alt-text for images and embedded captions for videos on our social media channels. We welcome feedback about the accessibility of our content by emailing or call 0131 550 4100.