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Read our latest blogs from MGS and across the sector, including useful guidance and tips on working and volunteering in Scotland’s museums, project updates, examples of best practice, and much more.

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A small group of adults sit on a stone wall overlooking a shallow body of water. Two of the adults discuss some notes written in a notebook.
The Power to Act: Sharing Climate Pledges
How can museums and galleries amplify the voice of climate action in their communities? Get inspired to make a difference by reading these pledges shared by museum workers at a recent MGS climate action workshop.
A retail display featuring bags, water bottles, books, and calendars. The merchandise features details of colourful paintings.
Focus On: Financial Resilience
This guide is full of resources to help you develop the financial resilience of your museum or gallery. It includes advice on fundraising, retail, grants, and training.
Three adults pose for a selfie in front of rolling hills, green trees, and a long red stone viaduct. The adult on the left has light skin, brown hair in a ponytail, and a beard. The adult in the middle has medium-tone skin and shoulder length dark brown hair. The adult on the right has dark skin, glasses, and long dark brown braided hair.
Focus On: Climate Action
Explore the resources in this guide to find out how to improve the environmental sustainability of your museum or gallery and engage with visitors on climate action.
A screengrab of a website. Large, black words saying “Supporting Scotland’s Museums and Galleries” and two purple, square buttons sit above a banner of five images of different orientation and size. The images show different views of inside and outside different museums
Can you build values and inclusion into a website redevelopment?
Our new website was created to help launch Scotland’s Museums and Galleries Strategy. But, did you know we built inclusion and anti-racism into all stages of the development? This blog shares how we did it and has helpful tips to make your own website more inclusive. 
A group of two adults and two children talking and laughing together. One of the adults holds a document, and one of the children holds a digital tablet with a bright red case.
Focus On: Skills & Confidence
Explore the resources in this guide to find out how you can build the skills and confidence of the workforce at your museum or gallery.
Twin teenagers with dark skin and long black braided hair stand and pose for a selfie in a mid-20th century sweet shop. An older adult with light skin and a floral apron stands and smiles behind the teenagers.
An Inclusive Approach to Marketing
Louise Storie, MGS Marketing and Communications Manager, shares her team's ongoing journey to inclusive marketing, along with valuable insights gained.
A person plays an educational board game on the topic of battlefield hospitals in the style of snakes and ladders. A hand, blurred with motion, holds a blue counter over the board.
Focus On: Education
Discover how to place learning and teaching at the heart of your museum with this guide to the education priority area of Scotland's museums and galleries strategy.
A teenager with long hair aims a camera at a collection of mannequins in black dresses.
My Career Ready Internship
Charlotte talks about her experience as a intern at Museums Galleries Scotland through the Career Ready programme.
A rope dancer performs in a large industrial space as an audience watches from below. The space is bathed in pink and blue light.
Focus On: Collaboration
Discover how your museum or gallery can benefit from a collaborative approach by reading through the resources in this guide.