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Read our latest blogs from MGS and across the sector, including useful guidance and tips on working and volunteering in Scotland’s museums, project updates, examples of best practice, and much more.

An adult with dark skin and medium-length red braided hair and twin teenagers with dark skin and long black braided hair sit together in a room with mid-20th century furniture and decorations. The adult reads a book to the two teenagers.
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White caravans in a field next to a photo of a person with light skin tone and short white hair weaving a willow object. Beneath the photos are a grid and a speckled circle. Overlaid is a purple gradient
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The final frontier: understanding our museums and galleries as meeting places of knowledge
Learn how organisations can co-curate with Gypsy/Traveller communities to share their knowledge through museum spaces.
A Benin Bronze sculpture is pictured in the foreground. The sculpture depicts the head of an Oba of Benin. A person with light skin tone and dark hair is in the background observing the sculpture.
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New repatriation working group seeks sector views
Neil Curtis, Head of Museums and Special Collections at the University of Aberdeen, explains some of the context for setting up a new group which focuses on supporting repatriation in Scotland's museums and galleries.
An adult with light skin and medium-length grey hair smiles next to a table displaying military costume.
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Focus On: Fair Work In Action
Find out how Scotland's museums and galleries are putting Fair Work into practice with this focus on insights and interviews from across the museum sector workforce.
An adult with light skin and medium-length hair holds a large inflatable unicorn. A light on a nearby wall bathes the room in pink light.
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Queering your museum: creating LGBTQIA+ inclusive events and exhibitions
Get inspired to develop LGBTQIA+ inclusive events, exhibitions, and engagement opportunities by reading about these projects from museums and galleries across Scotland.
An adult with light skin, short blonde hair, glasses, and a military uniform speaks to three children with light skin. The adult is holding a small doll which is dressed as a soldier.
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What is museum learning?
Loretta Mordi, MGS Learning and Engagement Manager reflects on the key themes museum learning spaces are supporting and gives top tips for creating learning environments within museums.
Two adults with light skin and dark clothing stand at a blue trolley situated in a narrow hallway next to a long row of shelving units. One of the adults holds a brown ceramic object in their hands.
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Our support for the Skills Investment Plan
Senior Skills Development Manager John Campbell highlights how we've drawn on our workforce development experience to support the creation of a new Skills Investment Plan for museums, galleries, and the wider heritage sector.
An adult wearing a white jacket delivers a speech in front of a busy auditorium.
Blog post
Building on the success of the Strategy Symposium
CEO Lucy Casot reflects on the key themes which emerged from the Strategy Symposium and calls for museums and galleries to share feedback about their progress on the aims of the strategy.
A stone carving of an ancient Egyptian king sitting. Behind are pale blue tiles.
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Egypt, the land of museums!
In this blog Abeer Eladany, University of Aberdeen Museums and Special Collections, talks about a recent trip to visit museums in Egypt, the changes taking place in them, and connections to Scotland.
A large neoclassical house, made of pale red stone, in a rural setting. The house has two large wings and a courtyard with a lawn.
Blog post
Focus On: Place
Find out how to achieve the place-based aims of Scotland's Museums and Galleries Strategy with the resources in this practical guide.