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Read our latest blogs from MGS and across the sector, including useful guidance and tips on working and volunteering in Scotland’s museums, project updates, examples of best practice, and much more.

An adult with dark skin and medium-length red braided hair and twin teenagers with dark skin and long black braided hair sit together in a room with mid-20th century furniture and decorations. The adult reads a book to the two teenagers.
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An adult with long brown hair and a dark green coat walks past a row of black and white photos on display in a gallery.
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Updating Governing Documents- Key Information
Have you recently updated or thinking of updating your governing document? In this blog, we have some timely reminders about what those documents need to include from a museum perspective.
A long bookshelf with rows of colourful books filling every shelf
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Race Equality and Anti-Racism in Education – Curriculum Reform
Khadija Mohammed and Jovan Rao-Rydder, Co-Chairs of the Race Equality and Anti-Racism in Education Curriculum Reform SubGroup tell us about their work in articulating and embedding anti-racism into schools.
Rows of bicycles suspended from the ceiling of the Riverside Museum in Glasgow.
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Climate Resource Recommendations from the MGS team
There’s a wealth of information available about the climate crisis but it can be hard to know where to start. We asked the MGS team for what climate content they’ve been reading or listening to for recommendations to get stuck into.
The MGS logo printed onto a white plastic background. The logo features a purple arch and the words “Museums Galleries Scotland: Supporting Scotland’s Museums”.
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My Career Ready Internship at Museums Galleries Scotland
Abigail Strachan talks about her four-week Career Ready internship with Museums Galleries Scotland.
Adults in formal clothing mingle in front of a desk. Next to the desk is a banner which features the MGS logo.
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Developing the Next National Strategy
Joe Traynor, Head of Museum Development, talks about the ongoing development of the next National Strategy.
A group of adults smile as they look at a black book with the title 'Year of Stories 2022'.
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Projects supported in R2 of Community Stories Fund
All across the country, in every local authority, communities are telling tales as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories. A fascinating programme of storytelling events and activity is being delivered by a diverse mix of community groups, museums, and culture and heritage organisations, supported by the Year of Stories 2022 Community Stories Fund.
One adult with light skin and four young adults with medium-light skin sitting at a table and smiling.
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Top tips for working with the Roma Community: Knowledge Exchange Follow Up Blog
Developed as a result of placement work through EDI in Scottish Heritage, this blog overviews some tips developed by placement holders for museums and heritage organisations looking to work more with Roma Communities.
A gallery with grey walls and a black floor with white dots. Several white contemporary art statues are spaced around the room.
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Next steps in creating the next National Strategy for Scotland’s Museums and Galleries
Joe Traynor, Head of Museum Development, talks about the ongoing development of the next National Strategy and encourages Scotland's museums and galleries to have their say by completing the upcoming surveys.
A young adult with light skin and brown hair sits inside a small blue car at Dundee Museum of Transport.
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A Trip to Dundee's Museums
All staff at Museums Galleries Scotland are given a Personal Development Day which can be used for volunteering, non-work-related training, or wellbeing. I decided to use my day to visit Dundee for the first time with the plan to visit as many museums as I could! I was lucky to visit the Dundee Museum of Transport (DMoT), The McManus and Verdant Works. I’m going to share my favourite experience in each museum along with some fun pictures.