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Developing the Next National Strategy

Joe Traynor, Head of Museum Development, talks about the ongoing development of the next National Strategy

National Strategy Develop Phase

Thank you all for your participation in the consultation process so far for the next National Strategy.  As we approach the third phase, let’s take a moment to reflect on the journey so far and what’s coming next.

We spent time in the Discovery phase identifying opportunities and ways our sector can address some of the big questions around the relevance of the work of museums in the future. These included fair work, financial sustainability, climate, the wellbeing economy, and decolonisation. This work informed the Define phase where we reframed the discussions and themes into a series of short questionnaires. These results then provided additional focus to areas and priorities we could explore further, which brings us neatly onto the Develop phase.

The rich information we have received from staff, volunteers, directors and from people outside of the sector ensures that this strategy will be written by and for Scotland’s museums and galleries.

We will soon share the new top level priorities which have been developed from all of the consultation phases so far. We have approached these in a different way to last time as we look forward to the challenges and opportunities of the next few years. Of course, these priorities need to be both flexible and remain relevant as we respond to the changing landscape within which we operate. We will be inviting your feedback on these.

Sector engagement with the Develop phase will take place in August through a series of events. We will use the information and ideas we have received already to work with you to flesh out the actions which will sit under the priorities published. This is where the detail will sit, mapping out our activities as a sector to support our development. There are multiple online events throughout August and we hope you can join us for one.

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We are grouping the events, and the actions generated from them, by independent museums, civic museums and university/national museums. This is to gather as much evidence of the challenges and opportunities you face around the priority areas as possible – and to see where the differences are.

I really look forward to seeing as many of you as possible share your views.