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How we work

Museums Galleries Scotland is a values-led organisation, committed to the ongoing development of a positive culture for its people. From individual objectives to organisational goals, we are influenced by our values: collaboration, courageousness, integrity and a passion for museums and galleries.

A group of adults engage in discussion while sitting and standing at a table. One of the adults writes on a large sheet of paper.

Our vision is that Scotland’s museums and galleries are thriving, connected, and resilient organisations which are agile in embracing change. Trusted and valued by the widest diversity of Scotland’s people, our collections, and the shared stories we tell, are accessible and inclusive to all.

Scotland's Museums and Galleries Strategy 2023 - 2030

This vision is embodied in Scotland’s Museums and Galleries Strategy 2023-2030. The strategy aims to unite the sector in purpose to work towards a more inclusive, sustainable future.

We work together, as an organisation and in partnership with others, to invest in and develop Scotland’s museums and galleries, for current and future generations to enjoy. We welcome opportunities to work collaboratively with organisations who share our values and vision.

As the national development body it is important for us to be agile, aware of future challenges and responsive to changing needs. We aspire to be a high performing organisation, effective and efficient, and investing in our people.

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

We strive to be an anti-racist organisation. We are committed to lead by example as an anti-racist development body for the Scottish museums and galleries sector. This sits within our wider responsibility to work in an inclusive way.

Read about our commitment to anti-racism at MGS and how we are supporting the sector to also work in an anti-racist way.

An adult with light skin and brown hair tied into a bun views a pair of portraits by Maud Sulter, a Scottish artist of Ghanaian heritage, at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre. One portrait shows an adult with medium-dark skin wearing a white wig and formal dress in the style of 18th century Western fashion. The other shows an adult with medium-tone skin wearing a black velvet robe.

Our Climate Commitment

We are a climate aware organisation and act in response to the Climate Emergency declared by the Scottish Government. We support Scotland’s museums and galleries to take action to meet net zero targets and become environmentally sustainable organisations.

Read about our climate commitment and how we support the sector to take climate action.

A young person with medium dark skin tone and medium length dark curly hair, sits on a school playground colouring the ground in front of them in green chalk.

Statement on Fair Work

Fair work drives success, wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, organisations, and society. We want to ensure that the organisations we work with are committed to fair work and the five dimensions it focuses on; effective voice; security; opportunity; fulfilment; respect.

Read our statement on Fair Work.


A young adult with a medium-light skin tone and long wavy black hair stands in front of a red wooden shelving unit. Colourful glass vases are displayed on the shelves.