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Next steps in creating the next National Strategy for Scotland’s Museums and Galleries

Joe Traynor, Head of Museum Development, talks about the ongoing development of the next National Strategy and encourages Scotland’s museums and galleries to have their say by completing the upcoming surveys.


This is an exciting and important year for MGS and museums and galleries all across Scotland as we work together to develop our shared National Strategy. This year we aim to reach as many people as possible to enable them to have a say in the future development of Scotland’s museums and galleries. Our goal is to create a strategy that is not just referred to when applying for funding, but is an active roadmap owned by the sector. A strategy that reflects and guides the work of everyone who is working hard to ensure that our sector reflects the priorities and stories of our communities and nation.

Thank you to all who took part in the Discover Phase of our Strategy development, working to identify the opportunities and ways our sector can address some of the big questions around the relevance of our work going forward; fair work, financial sustainability, climate and the wellbeing economy, and decolonisation. Many common themes were identified across these areas including the strength and passion of our workforce; the two fold financial opportunity and climatic threat of tourism; the vital placemaking role of museums and galleries and the safe community spaces we provide; concerns about the relevance of our work and also the opportunities we have to engage with, and tell the stories of, our communities.

This month we come to the second phase of consultation to create the National Strategy. The Define Phase will take the form of a series of three quick-fire national surveys to hone the information we received in the Discover Phase. Answers can be short and sweet so please spare the 10 minutes or so to complete each survey. This is an accessible chance to have your say. We can’t create a National Strategy for Scotland’s Museums and Galleries without you!

The first survey will open on Thursday 21st April and close on 29th April. The second will be open 6th – 13th May and third 20th – 27th May.

This is going to be a dynamic process with each survey based on the results of the survey before. The first survey will bridge the aims of the current National Strategy, Going Further, with the sector’s thoughts expressed through our Discover Phase of consultation which finished in March.

So please do look out for each new survey link in the weeks ahead. If you would like to be tipped off when they are available just let us know by contacting

Excitingly, at the end of this Define Phase we will have developed our new strategy’s Aims together.

In August, we will enter our Develop Phase of consultation – as we consider the actions we need to take together to meet the Aims of the new Strategy.