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Funding Overview

Funding Overview


During 2021-22 we will be running funding streams to support museums to deal with the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and to deliver projects that will build their resilience and enable communities to engage with their collections. In order to remain flexible to address the needs as they emerge we have launched an initial phase of funding with rounds running up until July. Further rounds of funding will be announced in the coming months.

Our Funding Programme

COVID-19 Adaptation Fund

The COVID-19 Adaptation Fund supports independent museums with the costs of opening back up in a way that ensures the safety and confidence of staff, volunteers and visitors while restrictions are still in place due to COVID-19. The fund supports costs of essential adaptations, equipment and training. The fund is currently open for applications on a rolling basis until 11 June 2021.


Small Grants Fund 

To support museums to get back on track with activity whilst still dealing with COVID-related financial challenges, we have opened a new Small Grants funding stream.

This fund will cover small-scale project activity, as well as resource and activity that is not project based but which will deliver outcomes in relation to building operational resilience, re-engaging with communities and audiences, addressing critical repairs or maintenance or improving environmental sustainability. Applicants will be required to show why the activity is essential, the impact it will have and why financial support is required to deliver it.


Museum Development Fund

Accredited museums will be able to apply for between £15,000 to £50,000 (or up to £60,000 for museums caring for Recognised Collections) for projects which will help them to make strategic steps towards becoming more resilient organisations in line with the aims of the National Strategy. Priority will be given to activity around building resilience, re-engaging communities, workforce development, increasing digital capacity and responding to the climate emergency.


Summer Programme Museums Fund

Accredited museums and non accredited museums that have already been verified as eligible for MGS’s Covid related funds can apply for up to £50,000 to participate in the national summer of play 2021, providing opportunities for all children and young people to participate in activities and experiences this summer.

Support for Making an Application

Please contact our Grants Team prior to beginning work on an application at or 0131 550 4115

Making an Application 

Applications should be made through MGS Online. Full details about the individual funds and how to apply can be found on our Funding page

Grants awarded by MGS (note 9)

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