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Forum Connections

Building Capacity for Scotland's Museums Forums

Forum Connections: Building Capacity for Scotland's Museums Forums

Forum Connections is a 4-year, NLHF-funded project designed to build the capacity of Scotland’s museums for partnership working through investment in Scotland’s geographic forums. Commencing in 2020, Forum Connections will offer training courses and facilitated support in key areas of need— including forward planning, fundraising, relationship building, and evaluating projects— and will upskill key staff and Forum leads. Additional support will be offered for collaborative project development, funding applications, and audience development initiatives.

This project is a cornerstone of MGS’s third Delivery Plan for Going Further: the National Strategy for Scotland’s Museums and Galleries. The need for support in developing partnership work was a dominant theme throughout the Delivery Plan consultations, and forms one of the key ways MGS will work over the next 3 years. MGS is committed to delivering the Forum Connections project to support and establish geographic forums to share practice, resource and impact, maximising opportunities for training, audience development, funding and advice.

There will be an associated dedicated Forum Connections Fund which we plan to launch in autumn 2020. This will support and equip participating forums in undertaking the preparatory work required to ensure sustainability and effective partnership working.