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Carbon Calculators

Using a carbon calculator

Carbon calculators help accurately and reliably measure your carbon footprint. They’re predominantly online tools, where you add operational activity, such as energy consumption, travel, waste etc. The calculators then convert this information into the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases to show your ‘carbon footprint’.  

The calculators work by using conversion factors supplied by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, which are updated annually. The conversion factors calculate and attribute an amount of greenhouse gas to each kind of activity. Measurements are expressed in kgCo2e which stands for kilogram (kg) of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent (e). Not all greenhouse gases emitted are carbon dioxide, for example landfill waste can produce methane gases. So, by using the measurement of kgCO2e all greenhouse gases produced are expressed as one simple figure. 

Measuring your carbon footprint allows you to understand your emissions, the size of them, and changes that can be made to reduce emissions and monitor the impact of them. 

Further resources

There are several easy to use carbon calculators available online: 


There is also the option of measuring the carbon footprint of your digital work: 


MGS is currently developing a carbon calculator for the sector.

A broader overview of carbon management can be found on our climate advice page: Museums Galleries Scotland | Climate Action