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This Knowledge Exchange event explored the details of working with influencers to help promote your museum or gallery. Louise Storie and Rosie King from the MGS  Marketing and Communications team, were joined by Julie Cumming, Marketing Assistant at Dundee Heritage Trust and Kay Gillespie (the Chaotic Scot), a travel blogger and influencer to share first hand experience and some top tips with museum sector workers looking to find out more about this approach to marketing.

(00:00 – 01:40) Louise Storie, Museums Galleries Scotland.

Louise introduces the session and shares MGS’s experience of working with influencers to reach a more diverse audience after realising the limitations of more traditional marketing channels.

(01:40 – 04:45) Rosie King, Museums Galleries Scotland.

Rosie shares examples of influencer content that was created as part of MGS’s #MuseumsAreGo Campaign and showcases the range of influencers out there and the diversity of their audiences. Rosie also acknowledges the level of engagement influencers’ audiences have and why the quality of followers is often more important than the quantity.

(04:45 – 07:00) Louise Storie, Museums Galleries Scotland.

Louise shares more about MGS’s key learnings from working with influencers including the close bond influencers have with their followers, allowing for more targeted and authentic messaging. She also highlights the high impact, low cost benefits of these campaigns and the ability to measure impact and make adjustments accordingly.

(07:00 – 16:00) Julie Cumming, Dundee Heritage Trust

Julie discusses Dundee Heritage Trust’s recent experience of working with influencers and shares her top tips on getting the most out of an influencer’s visit to your venue. She also shares the importance of having a clear marketing plan and understanding of what you would like to gain from an influencer’s visit before identifying the right influencer to work with.

(16:00 – 34:32) Kay Gillespie (The Chaotic Scot), travel blogger and influencer

Kay shares an insight into her career as a travel blogger and influencer with over 10 years experience in the industry. Kay reflects on the changes in social media since the start of her career. She also highlights the benefits of working with influencers and the pitfalls to avoid when identifying influencers to work with.

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