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Case Studies

Learn from and be inspired by some of the amazing work being undertaken by museums and galleries across Scotland, through our case studies.

Three people stand in a museum shop looking down at books on displays in front of them. They all have their backs to the camera.
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MGS Funded
White walls with paintings on them and a sculpture in an alcove next to a wooden chair. White lights hang from the ceiling with bright white spotlights on the artwork.
Pier Arts Centre
Converting Gallery Lighting to LED
In this case study The Pier Arts Centre explains the process for converting their gallery lighting from halogen lamps/bulbs to LED.
A child with light skin and long braided brown hair sits on a yellow tandem bike. The bike is attached to the floor and an interactive panel which reads "Making Electricity".
National Mining Museum Scotland
The Green Zone
The Green Zone is a new space developed by the National Mining Museum Scotland which has included a range of upgrades including interpretation and engagement activity focused on climate agenda.
Outline of people with a black speech bubble above that reads 'Carbon Literate Organisation Gold.
Museums Galleries Scotland
Carbon Literacy in Museums Galleries Scotland
Alex Smith, Climate Officer at MGS, writes about Museums Galleries Scotland’s journey to becoming a Carbon Literate organisation in 2022.
A metal post displaying two deep blue banners. One banner has the words 'United Nations Climate Change', while the other has the words ' Welcome to Glasgow' and an abstract green and white pattern.
National Galleries Scotland
Preserving Pasts, Imagining Futures: National Galleries of Scotland & National Library of Scotland
Ahead of the UN Climate Summit COP26, National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) and the National Library of Scotland (NLS) partnered for an engagement project to connect Scottish audiences with the event being held in Glasgow in November 2021.
A mid-20th century green and cream coloured double decker bus parked next to a navy blue transport vehicle. The two vehicles are located inside a warehouse with brick walls.
Dundee Museum of Transport
Environmental Sustainability: Dundee Museum of Transport
Dundee Museum of Transport, by adopting a sustainable agenda, hopes to become Europe’s first fully carbon neutral transport museum. With the exhibitions reflecting sustainable transport, and a net zero target for the operations of the museum and the building itself, they strive to find ways to implement environmentally responsible practice in everything they do.
A modern building with rough stone walls and a sweeping wooden roof. A curving path leads up to the entrance.
Robert Burns Birthplace Museum
Environmental Sustainability: Robert Burns Birthplace Museum
This case study is about: By adopting a sustainable agenda, it has been possible for the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum to create a state-of-the-art, award-winning museum which successfully balances conservation needs alongside environmental needs, ultimately creating a better space for its collections, and its visitors
A wide sandy beach under a cloudy sky. There are low hills and sand dunes in the distance.
Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist A Tuath
Cladach Agus Machair (Machair And Shore): Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist A Tuath
The aim of this project by Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist A Tuath (North Uist Historical Society) was an exploration of the unique and threatened shoreline of North Uist and the machair land lying behind the marram grass dunes.
A painting of four large smoking chimney stacks emitting large clouds of smoke into the sky at dusk. Smaller chimney stacks and buildings are also emitting smoke, they are all painted in orange and brown tones so that it looks like the sky is on fire.
Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life
From Coal to Climate Change
This case study is about working with schools and visitors to make links between the climate crisis and the industrial history of a community.