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Case Studies

Learn from and be inspired by some of the amazing work being undertaken by museums and galleries across Scotland, through our case studies.

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MGS Funded
The main entrance to Aberdeen Art Gallery. It is a long neo-classical building with a modern upper floor. There is a large tree growing on the pavement in front of the gallery.
Aberdeen Archives, Gallery & Museums
Workforce for the Future: Creating the 'Weird Trail'
A Workforce for the Future project at Aberdeen Archives, Gallery & Museums with Hanover Street Primary School.
Two children with light skin, medium-length brown hair, and bright blue school uniforms interact with a digital tablet. One of the children wears headphones which are connected to the device.
David Livingstone Birthplace
Future Careers with David Livingstone Birthplace Museum
A partnership project between the David Livingstone Birthplace museum and David Livingstone Memorial Primary, which helped to foster a connection between the school and museum, and built knowledge of museums as places of work.  
The Gaelic-language homepage of the Museum of the Highlands website. Images of a diverse range of museum objects are scattered underneath the text "Taigh-tasgaidh na Gàidhealtachd".
Museums and Heritage Highland
Developing the Museum of the Highlands website
Fifteen museums collaborated with Museums and Heritage Highland to develop a digital learning and engagement hub which showcases 300 objects through a mix of images, information, and activities.
Scottish Football Museum
Workforce for the Future: The Hollybrook Scottish Cup Gallery Project
A Workforce for the Future project where pupils visited the Scottish Football Museum to learn about the diversity of job roles in museums.
A group of children looking at pictures hung on a white wall.
City Art Centre
Pirniehall Primary School: Art Gallery Project
This Workforce for the Future joint project involved Pirniehall Primary School visiting the City Art Centre to find out about working in an art gallery.
A colourful digital illustration with the words 'CPK Play' and a pixelated cursor.
Culture Perth & Kinross
Digital Engagement: CPKPlay Website
Recognising that the pandemic and associated restrictions were impacting on the experience of services for children and their families, Culture Perth and Kinross developed CPKPlay, a new website full of activities, short films, and creative ideas to engage and entertain their younger audiences. In this case study they reflect on their experience developing the website.
A figurehead in the shape of a unicorn on the prow of the SS Unicorn in Dundee.
HMS Unicorn
Craigowl Primary School Museum Project
A joint project between Craigowl Primary School, HMS Unicorn, Museums Galleries Scotland, and Developing the Young Workforce.
A group of children all wearing maroon jumpers and grey or black trousers and face masks are sitting in red and gold old fashioned cinema style seating next to colour drawings and paintings.
The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum
Marvellous Museums: The Smith Art Gallery and Museum, Stirling VHT and Cornton Primary School
The ‘Marvellous Museums’ project gives learners, including those identified as being at risk of not achieving their potential, opportunities to raise their awareness of careers in the Museum and Arts industries and develop a range of skills to prepare for work or further study within the sector.
Arbroath Museum, as seen from the nearby beach. It is a large white building with a grey roof and a tall, cylindrical tower in the middle. A large metal weather vane rises from the top of the tower.
Signal Tower Museum
Warddykes Primary School Museum Project
A joint project between Warddykes Primary School, ANGUSalive’s Signal Tower Museum, Museums Galleries Scotland and Developing the Young Workforce that highlights the exciting and varied roles within museums and the skills required for these jobs.
A painting of four large smoking chimney stacks emitting large clouds of smoke into the sky at dusk. Smaller chimney stacks and buildings are also emitting smoke, they are all painted in orange and brown tones so that it looks like the sky is on fire.
Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life
From Coal to Climate Change
This case study is about working with schools and visitors to make links between the climate crisis and the industrial history of a community.