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Project Changes and Reporting

Requesting a change to project dates, activity, or budget

If you need to make a change to your project due to unforeseen circumstances or a new opportunity that arises, you must contact us before committing to any changes. This includes an extension to the end of project date as confirmed at the time of accepting your award or proposals to change the activity or budget as set out in your original application. You can update us in your next progress report or, if you need an answer before your report is due, get in touch with your designated point of contact or any member of the Grants Team on All requests must be made in writing, but if you want to discuss options with us first, please call us on 0131 550 4115. 

You do not need to contact us if the changes are not material, e.g., purchasing a different piece of equipment because you’ve found a better option than the item included in your original budget or changing the venue or date for a proposed activity within the original time frame. But if you are proposing any change that has a potential impact on the outputs or outcomes of your project, you must agree that with us as soon as possible. We will always try to be flexible but need to understand the full impact of any changes before agreeing. We will confirm in writing once a decision has been made. 

It is a condition of all awards that you inform Museums Galleries Scotland of any potential delays to your project, any financial changes or any other matters arising that will affect your ability to carry out the project as described in your application. Unauthorised changes may result in the grant being withdrawn. 

Project Reporting

We want to stay in touch with you as you deliver your project and spend your grant so that we can support you to make the most of the funding. We therefore ask you to submit regular progress reports- your award letter sets out how frequently these are required. When your project is complete, we are very keen to hear about what difference it has made for you, the impact it has had. We therefore ask you to submit an end of project report. Please look at what is going to be required in your end of project report early on in your project so that you can ensure you collect the relevant information as you go along. If there are any specific things we would like you to report on, we will have flagged these in your award letter. It is a condition of funding that you submit these reports, and you are responsible for making sure you complete them by the due dates.

Submit an online report

Your award letter sets out how frequently we expect you to report on progress, and any specific information you must provide at the end of the project. Please make sure that you check these details when you accept the grant and make a note of when your reports are due and what data you may need to collect. It is a condition of funding that you submit these reports, and you are responsible for making sure you complete them by the due dates. Failure to comply with reporting requirements may result in your award being withdrawn. You can check all of this at any time on MGS Online.

You can click on the name of any report to see the blank form and read the questions you will have to answer when that report is due. If you have more than one Project Status Update Report they will be the same, but the End of Project Report will be a different document with different questions. You are given the opportunity to upload supporting documents such as evaluation reports, images, and press cuttings. Note that the claims process is separate from the reporting process, so do not upload invoices or other evidence of expenditure here.

Project status reports

We ask for these progress reports to make sure your project is on track and to give you the opportunity to tell us about any developments since you made your application. Please make sure you answer every question in sufficient detail to give us a clear picture of how things are going. You can request a change to dates, activity, or budget in your report but can also contact us between reports if you need a decision before your next report is due.

End of project reports

This is your opportunity to tell us how the project has gone, what you have learned from it, how well you achieved the outcomes you planned at the start and what you will do next. Please provide a level of detail that is in line with the amount of funding you received and that clearly states what you did and what you achieved. If you have commissioned any reports associated with the project, please upload them together with feedback from participants, images, press cuttings or any other evidence you have that shows how the project went. 

Make sure that you provide any of the specific quantitative or qualitative data we asked for as a condition of your funding, which will be set out in your award letter and in the Conditions section of your grant home page on MGS Online. You will get a reminder that the report is due when your end of project date arrives, but you will have up to two months to collate the required information and submit the report. The final deadline for receiving this will be confirmed in your award letter. 

Please note that we will not be able to pay the final portion of your grant until the end of project report has been submitted and checked. If you have provided insufficient detail in the report, we will ask you to provide further information, which will delay the final payment of your grant.