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Martyn’s Law

Draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill

The Palace of Westminster and the Elizabeth Tower in London, UK.

The UK Government has published their Terrorism (Protection of Premises) draft Bill, as part of their response to the Manchester Arena bombing. The new legislation has not yet been passed through parliament and there is no date set for when it will come into law.

‘Martyn’s Law’ will place a requirement on those responsible for certain venues, including museums, to increase their preparedness for and protection from a terrorist attack by requiring them to take proportionate steps, depending on the size and nature of the activities that take place there.

The legislation refers to two tiers: a standard tier for venues with a capacity of 100 -799 people, and an enhanced tier for venues with a capacity of 800 plus.

Standard tier premises will be required to undertake basic, low-cost activities to improve their preparedness, including terrorism protection training and evaluating the best procedures to put in place to minimise impact.

Enhanced tier premises and events have further requirements in recognition of the potential consequences of a successful attack. This will include appointing a designated senior officer who must regularly review the security of the venue.

An inspection and enforcement regime will be established to promote the requirements for each tier. In the event of non-compliance, sanctions and ultimately penalties will be issued to premises.

A handy Martyn’s Law Factsheet has been published (updated in May) with more details.

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