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MGS Looks Back Over 2022/23

Adults stand and view museum objects which are displayed in cases on a long raised platform in the centre of a gallery.

We’ve published our latest annual review, A look back at 2022/23, along with a short film which provides a summary of our recent work. The review and film both highlight what an important year this has been, not just for Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS), but also for the museum sector as a whole.

Our short film, along with annual reports for previous years, can be found on Our Impact.

A look back at 2022/23 outlines the projects we’ve undertaken and the support we’ve offered to the museum sector over the past year. It also underscores the progress which we continue to strive towards as an organisation.

Our work throughout 2022/23 was shaped by conversations, consultations, and collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders. We’re incredibly grateful for the support of all our partners: your contributions have a powerful impact on the direction and development of MGS.

This review is a snapshot of our Annual Report and Accounts for 2022/23, which will be published in full on the MGS website in October.

Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and read our look back over the past year. If there’s anything in this review which you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch.

A look back at 2022/23

Read our annual review