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MGS staff interviewed for museum education podcast

A child with light skin and long light brown hair looks into case filled with museum objects.

Loretta Mordi, Museum Development Manager for Learning and Engagement at MGS, recently appeared on Play Scotland’s Play Well Podcast to talk about the importance of play in museums and how museums can ensure they are welcoming spaces for children and families.


Most museum venues have not been designed with play in mind; but they are educational institutions that provide learning opportunities and therefore should be accessible to people of all ages.

Loretta Mordi

In the podcast episode, Loretta talks about challenging the perception of museums as ‘stuffy old places’, what needs to change to make museums welcoming for children and families, and how museums can work in partnership with learning organisations such as Education Scotland. Loretta also talks about the importance of having spaces such as cafés where caregivers, parents, and guardians can interact and socialise.

Loretta was joined on the podcast by Lauren Henning, Learning and Museum Manager at the Tall Ship Glenlee in Glasgow.

Lauren explains how the Tall Ship has increased its audience of young people through activities such as play trails which encourage visitors to interact with the ship and its objects – something that is often discouraged in museums. Lauren also talks about using sensory bags to improve the experience of neurodivergent visitors to the Tall Ship.

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Play in museums podcast