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Support For The Scottish Crannog Centre

Today Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) is working with the Scottish Crannog Centre to support them after the devastating fire that took place on Friday evening.

The Scottish Crannog Centre is a unique experience of Iron Age history and integral to interpreting and sharing Scotland’s history. The fire has destroyed the reconstruction of the historic crannog dwelling, a space that is central to the Crannog community.

Over the last year MGS has awarded grants from the Scottish Government totaling over £283K for the Scottish Crannog Centre’s far-reaching work to welcome visitors, increase employment opportunities in the local area, and support vocational learning with young people through Modern Apprenticeships and the Kickstart Scheme. Prior to the fire the Crannog has been planning an expansion to the north shore of Loch Tay at Dalerb. The Crannog community is recognised for innovation, ambition, and care for their local area, qualities that with support will be central to their recovery from the fire.

Lucy Casot, CEO of Museums Galleries Scotland said:

“The Crannog team worked so hard to continue their vocational learning opportunities with young people during the pandemic and welcome visitors back once it was safe to do so. Our hearts went out to the team when we heard about the fire and the immense loss of the iconic crannog reconstruction will be felt by many. We are working closely with the team and this will continue as we understand the immediate and longer-term support requirements. The community that is at the heart of the Scottish Crannog Centre needs our support now as they recover and rebuild from the fire. We encourage the many people who enjoy the Crannog to donate to their financial appeal.”

Support from the Crannog’s local community has flooded in with their neighbours Loch Tay Highland Lodges setting up a crowdfunder for them. Donations for the Scottish Crannog Centre can be made at