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Delivering Change is a three-year programme, funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund, which supports museums and galleries across Scotland to make changes to their organisations and programming to help all people to access culture.

Delivering Change recognises and seeks to address systemic exclusion within the sector – where systems (economic, social, political and cultural) intentionally disadvantage groups of people based on their identity, while advantaging members of the dominant group. It will do this through a programme that will be a collective effort between MGS and partnering museums, galleries, and community groups. The programme will take a flexible approach and be focused on Learning, Leadership, and Funding across all levels of organisations.     

Delivering Change is about: 

1/ Anti-oppression work for MGS, museums & community groups; 

2/ Building relationships based on solidarity with systemically excluded communities; and 

3/ Re-structuring as organisations based on anti-oppressive principles. 

It is expected there will be clear changes in the ways in which participating museums work because of this programme. A key aim is to ensure that museum spaces are safer and more inclusive for all people in Scotland, particularly for those who have been systemically excluded. 

Language in Delivering Change

In Delivering Change we use language that acknowledges systemic exclusion*. It is important that patterns of exclusion are highlighted and not seen as a coincidence.  

In Delivering Change we will acknowledge the multiple oppressions that people face, rather than use segregating language. 

*Systemic Exclusion

For us, systemic exclusion is when groups of people are intentionally disadvantaged by economic, social, political and cultural systems based on their identity while advantaging members of the dominant group. Intentionally disadvantaged identities could be gender, race, class, sexual orientation, language, disability, or others. 

Project Advisors 

In May 2023, the programme completed a 9-month Development Phase. During this period an expert advisory group worked with the MGS-based project team to establish a plan for training, support, interventions, and funding to support change in Scotland’s museums. The expert advisory group members have lived and professional experience of barriers to participation in culture. These are defined as barriers many people face when engaging with or visiting a museum, that make them feel that museums are not for them.


Delivering Change has been informed by research which has indicated a need for museums to adopt anti-racist and anti-ableist approaches. The research advocates for museums to develop greater participatory approaches to include those who have experienced systemic exclusion. The research includes work undertaken by Children in Scotland and during the Empire, Slavery & Scotland’s Museum project. 

Reports commissioned for the Development Phase of Delivering Change:

Museum Needs Report by Rachel Forrest

What Do Under-Represented Audiences Want From Museums? Report by Rachel Forrest

Programme Information

Delivering Change takes place over three years and consists of three parts:  

Museum Learning Programme – Personal and organisational learning to support re-structuring organisations based on anti-oppressive principles.  

Funding Programme – Community-Museum Partnership Fund with grants up to £20k-£25k, Case by Case Fund with grants up to £5k, and the Sustainable Co-Production Fund of grants up to £40k.  

Leadership Programme – Peer to peer learning programme through pairing senior museums professionals with professionals from third sector equalities organisations.  

Information on how to participate in Delivering Change will be posted on the MGS website. Programme delivery will begin in 2024.  

Four jobs will be created by MGS to deliver the programme. Job applications will be live in October on the MGS website jobs and opportunities page. 

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Different Pathways to Anti-Oppression Work
Find out about the different ways you can be involved in anti-oppression work.
Different Pathways to Anti-Oppression Work
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