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Delivering Change: Museum Transformers Programme

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Delivering Change: Museum Transformers is an anti-oppression programme that aims to empower your museum workforce to make changes to help all people to access culture. It has been developed by Museums Galleries Scotland and an Expert Advisory Group. It’s funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, thanks to National Lottery players, and the Scottish Government.

The programme is about putting into action your organisation’s ideas on improving access to culture. It will give you and your workforce the capacity, training, and support to sustainably action and embed these ideas into your museum. 

During the programme of coaching, reflection, and peer-to-peer support your museum will: 

  • Become one of the Museum Transformers, who are 16 organisations leading in anti-oppression and human rights in museums
  • Deepen community impact through authentic relationships
  • Diversify audiences, partners and workforce
  • Maximise the momentum of previous diversity, equity, and inclusion work
  • Have space to make mistakes in a supportive environment.

We participated in the Delivering Change pilot session on Becoming an Anti-Racist Organisation. The session explored our existing knowledge regarding race equality and anti-racism, developed it further, our organisational culture, and amongst other things encouraged us to look at how we operate and how we are perceived by others in this space. We have committed to several actions off the back of the session, including a body of work looking at our audiences and diversity.

Ross McKirdy, Museum Manager of Grampian Transport Museum

What does the programme consist of?

The programme is designed to take an organisation-wide approach to learning and action planning. It will include all members of your workforce, such as trustees, staff, and volunteers. Together you’ll take part in organisational transformation work tailored to your museum. During in-person and online sessions, you’ll explore how to re-structure as organisations based on anti-oppressive principles through:  

  • An initial museum visit from project staff to assess opportunities and to begin to co-create a learning and action plan 
  • Bespoke and flexible anti-oppression coaching focusing on anti-racism and anti-ableism 
  • Training on human rights in museums, including co-production, participatory practice, and critical thinking 

Who can apply?

This programme is open to museums of any size in Scotland. Accredited and non-accredited museums can apply. Non-accredited museums should contact us first to discuss eligibility before making an application. 

What to expect at the end of the programme

  • To make decisions about your priorities and how you use your resources in partnership with your communities 
  • To take a Human Rights based approach across all areas of your organisation 
  • To have an organisational culture that is based on anti-oppression principles. This will support it to be more welcoming and inclusive for a diverse workforce and audience, in particular those who have been systemically excluded 
  • Better understanding of what matters to your community/audience, in particular those who have been systemically excluded 
  • To be more resilient by developing relationships with a community who will advocate for you and further demonstrate your value to society  
  • To be better able to research, interpret, and share the histories of those who have been systemically excluded 


  • Competency and confidence across your organisation in leading anti-oppression work 
  • Resourcing and support to develop co-production frameworks for your organisation 
  • Support throughout the programme with a dedicated staff member from MGS 
  • Opportunity to be partnered with a community organisation as part of the Community Catalysts Fund 
  • Opportunity to host a Delivering Change Leadership placement 
  • Additional £2,000 bursary to support full participation in the programme 
  • All of your organisation’s workforce undertaking the programme will receive mental health support during the training 
  • Certification for every participant 
  • Access to a suite of resources (including videos, podcasts, toolkits, templates for individual/organisational action plans) 


  • Workforce undertaking the programme from across the hierarchy: Boards/Trustees, Front of House, Curatorial, Estates etc
  • Workforce undertaking the programme are required for a minimum 4-6 full days in-person, either on site or at a local location over 2 years
  • Minimum 11 hours per person online learning at times and a pace that suits the individual 
  • Participation in the evaluation and monitoring of the programme


The Museum Transformers programme will run from April 2024 to April 2026. May to October 2026 will be dedicated to evaluation and impact monitoring. The programme delivery dates will be adapted to fit the needs of your organisation. 

Application deadline 5pm, 11th March 2024 

Find out more about the programme and ask questions at the following events:

Watch the webinar


Watch the Museum Transformers information webinar for full details on the project.

How to apply

  1. Expression of Interest chat. Contact the Delivering Change Project Team to book an EOI chat.
  2. Submit application form. Application deadline 5pm, 11th March 2024 Draft form available to download to see the questions before filling in the online form.
  3. Assessment Panel decision 29th March 2024

Get in touch

Email us at or call 0131 550 4100

Find out more

Information about the wider Delivering Change programme, the research that has helped develop it, and the language used in it.

Delivering Change
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