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Knowledge Exchange: The Museum of Ordinary People: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary
The Museum of Ordinary People celebrates the ripples that ordinary people leave behind. Hear the story behind the ethos and development of this activist museum in this knowledge exchange event.
Knowledge Exchange: Engaging Schools and Communities with STEM/STEAM
In this Knowledge Exchange event from Museums Galleries Scotland, speakers discuss increasing connection and engagement of Scottish heritage organisations with STEM education, using their collections, inside and outside of their venues.
Knowledge Exchange: Black History Month 2023
In this Knowledge Exchange we hear from Amy Rich at Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, Matthew Jarron from University of Dundee Museums, Heather Carroll at Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum, and Aneel Singh Bhopal from West of Scotland Regional Equality Council.
Top tips for working with the Roma Community: Knowledge Exchange Follow Up Blog
Developed as a result of placement work through EDI in Scottish Heritage, this blog overviews some tips developed by placement holders for museums and heritage organisations looking to work more with Roma Communities.
Knowledge Exchange: Health & Wellbeing in Museums
At this Knowledge Exchange event we will be exploring health and wellbeing in museums. We will also be seeking your input on how Museums Galleries Scotland can support this work.
Knowledge Exchange: Working with influencers
Find out how your museum or gallery can work with influencers to engage with your audience and raise the profile of your organisation.
Knowledge Exchange: Black History Month 2022
In this Knowledge Exchange we hear from Nelson Cummins, Communities and Campaigns Officer at Coalition for Equality and Rights (CRER). Nelson talks about the work CRER do across Scotland to eliminate racial discrimination and harassment and promote racial justice.
Knowledge Exchange: Working with Roma Communities
Is your museum/heritage group interested in working more inclusively with individuals/groups from the Roma community? In this knowledge exchange event we were joined by Leon and Blanka (who undertook placements as part of EDI in Scottish Heritage).
Knowledge Exchange: Museum Social Stand Ups
Museums Galleries Scotland launched a series of Museum Social Stand Ups in response to the coronavirus lockdown measure. The social stand ups were a friendly opportunity for those working and volunteering in museums to continue to network with each other.
Knowledge Exchange: The Museum of Youth Culture
In this knowledge exchange event we hear from The Museum of Youth Culture, a newly emerging museum. They work to tell stories about youth movements, scenes, styles, and sounds across Britain.  
Knowledge Exchange: National Peace Movement
Join the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in partnership with MGS, in attempting to identify the extent of existing representation of the Peace Movement(s) in Scottish museums.
Knowledge Exchange: Project Managing your Next Museum Website
In this knowledge exchange event we hear from Adam Lisik, Software Operations and Support Lead at Waterstons Ltd. Adam shares some insights and tips on things you need to consider when creating a new website.