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Ashley Wakenshaw

Head of Workforce & Resilience

As Head of Workforce and Resilience, Ashley is responsible for corporate governance, finance, and risk at Museums and Galleries Scotland. Ashley provides a strategic lead for organisational culture and resilience activities, while actively promoting a values-based culture. As a member of the executive team, she contributes to the development and implementation of vision, policy, and plans for MGS. As the Head of MGS Skills Academy, she oversees the delivery of accreditation vocational training and the wider Skills Development Programme. Ashley manages the high-performing Resources and Skills teams at MGS, supporting the delivery of the Workforce and Resilience strands of the Strategy.

Prior to MGS, Ashley worked as a successful regional manager delivering various projects for the third sector and private sector roles.  Ashley has experience working within many diverse and differing organisations including asylum services, children’s charities, retail, youth employability, and vocational learning.

Ashley has a passion for history, heritage, and cultural sites with a keen interest in graveyards, kirks and Necroplolis sites across Scotland – and enjoys visiting them in her spare time. She is a fully qualified open water diver and loves to travel to Asia to dive and enjoy the local culture and food. She frequents her local theatres and has a love of film and movies. She can be found mostly walking her dog, Indy (Indiana Jones namesake) at castles, beaches, and forests across Scotland on the weekend.