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Elena Crecescu

Business Skills Apprentice
A person with light skin tone and long blonde hair is standing with their arms crossed and smiling at the camera.

Elena is a Business Skills Apprentice at Museums Galleries Scotland. She has a keen interest in technology and seeks out opportunities to get involved in diverse business projects, relishing the chance to collaborate with different professionals in the industry. She takes pride in being part of the Museums Galleries Scotland team, dedicated to supporting the organisation’s mission and vision by doing administrative tasks, such as gathering information, project planning, and creating engaging visual aids to help young people better understand the heritage sector.

Outside of her apprenticeship and attending school, Elena has lots of hobbies that fuel her adventurous spirit. She loves the excitement and team-spirit of playing volleyball in her spare time and is a keen inline skater. Elena has a passion for aviation and is a member of her local Air Cadet Squadron. She sees aviation as a way to realise her goal of exploring different cultures. She aims to become a polyglot and is learning many modern languages such as (English, Russian, German, Romanian, and French). She believes that languages will broaden her horizons and help to communicate and connect with people from around the world.