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Kelly Forbes

Digital Manager
A light skinned person with shoulder length wavy brown hair, wearing a petrol blue blouse and dark framed glasses, stands with their hands clasped in front of them

Kelly is Digital Manager at Museums Galleries Scotland and has over 14 years’ experience working in digital roles across many different sectors. She supports people in heritage organisations across Scotland to develop their digital skills and confidence and offers guidance to museums looking to undertake digital projects. Her main motivation is to help people feel less anxious and more curious about digital transformation. She’s an excellent point of contact if you want to know what digital work the sector are up to.  Kelly is also a qualified vocational assessor and helps deliver the Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship scheme at MGS, passing on her digital expertise to young people starting out in the sector.

Outside of work Kelly is a passionate, but entirely performative cook, who enjoys re-creating meals from memories of things she’s eaten on holiday, exploring Europe by train.  She loves learning new things and has picked up a myriad of creative hobbies over the years including knitting, crochet, and upholstery. She also has a lot of active hobbies like cycling, sailing, and skiing and hasn’t let several broken bones slow her down. She’s happiest either reading a book or being immersed in a new video game.