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Rosie King

Marketing and PR Officer
A light skinned person with short bobbed blonde hair, wearing a bright orange jumper, stands with their arms crossed

Rosie is Marketing and PR Officer at Museums Galleries Scotland. She brings to her role cross-sector experience of marketing in culture and construction organisations. She works with teams across MGS where she supports developing communications across different channels. She has a keen interest in how marketing and PR can be used to highlight different voices and reach a variety of audiences. She’s always on the lookout for new writers, bloggers, and podcasters who want to talk about heritage. Since working in the heritage sector Rosie has had her mind blown by the number of museums in Scotland and the many stories they tell, and she’s excited about the potential there is to share more people’s stories. She really enjoys getting out and meeting people in the sector and working with them to support their communications. 

In her non comms life Rosie is an artist who draws and films the world around her, often working with others to think about social justice, ecologies, and our bodies. She’s having fun exploring Scotland as her new home and eating and dancing around its different venues. She still can’t get over the hills in Scotland and when she can she heads up one. Rosie loves music and has (mostly) been enjoying her colleagues’ choices in the regular MGS spotify mix.