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Sai Ragunath 

Senior Advocacy and Public Affairs Manager 
A medium skinned person with wavy, black hair, pulled back in a ponytail, wearing a light blue jumper stands with their arms crossed.

Sai is the Senior Advocacy and Public Affairs Manager at Museums Galleries Scotland. She supports in developing and maintaining awareness of the value and impact of the museums and galleries sector in Government (local and national), relevant Committees and other key organisations and influencers both within and outside the sector. As part of the Marketing and Communications team, Sai works closely on communications and events activity that raises the profile of the sector. She also leads on supporting activity that delivers on the Connection strand in the Strategy for Scotland’s Museums and Galleries.

Sai previously worked in both UK Government and Scottish Government and is an experienced policy professional, bringing a strong awareness of national and international policy priorities to the museums and galleries sector. Sai has progressed high-profile work that supported a better outcome for Scotland and the rest of the UK during the EU-UK Brexit negotiations and also led on international campaigns that promoted Scotland’s tourism, business and educational opportunities.

Beyond the world of advocacy and public affairs, Sai spends most of her time muddy with Bracken – her breed-typical and completely bonkers German Shorthaired Pointer. When she is not out in the wilds of the country, Sai is also a keen fiddle player – or violinist – depending on the weather.