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Accreditation & Recognition

We provide guidance for those applying for the Accreditation Standard or Recognised Status.


The Museum Accreditation Scheme is the UK industry standard for museums and galleries.

To achieve Accreditation, a museum must meet published requirements on:

  • how it is governed and managed
  • how it cares for and manages its collections
  • the information and services it offers to museum users

Museum Accreditation Scheme paused in response to COVID-19 outbreak

In April 2020, the UK Accreditation Partners – Museums Galleries Scotland, Arts Council England, Northern Ireland Museum Council and the Welsh Government - responded to the pandemic by pausing the Accreditation Scheme. At that time, we promised to provide an update in January 2021.

To support all Accredited museums in the UK, your current Accreditation award status is being further extended for an additional 12 months to 1 April 2022.

Accreditation update, January 2021

visit our FAQs for further information

Read about the Accreditation Scheme


Scotland’s Recognition Scheme celebrates, promotes and invests in nationally significant collections beyond those held in our national museums and galleries.

Recognised Collections can access:

  • Recognition Fund awards of up to £60,000
  • branded assets and marketing tools
  • reviews and guidance from our specialists
Read about the Recognition Scheme