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Background to culture and climate change


This advice guide looks at the impact of climate change on access to culture and the role that culture has in climate action. 

The role of culture in climate action 

The earth is now approximately 1.1C warmer than it was in the late 1800s and without further action, the planet could still increase its temperature by more than 2C by the end of the century (Source: What Is Climate Change? | United Nations). 

Culture is a key resource for mitigating and adapting to climate change and remains a powerful tool in addressing environmental challenges. It influences our understanding of the environment, our relationship with it and is essential for populations to generate environmental engagement. When cultural and creative industries take greater care and responsibility for the global climate and environment, their communities and audiences will follow. Supporting the adaptation of individuals and communities to their surrounding environment, culture is required when it comes to adapting to climate change and adjusting to a more sustainable way of living. As climate change is a global matter, cross-culture communication is necessary to provide solutions and to influence larger groups of people to make the required adjustments.