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Climate Action
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Climate Action

Advice and tips on how museums and galleries can improve their sustainability and engage with audiences on climate action.

Knowledge Exchange: National Peace Movement
Join the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in partnership with MGS, in attempting to identify the extent of existing representation of the Peace Movement(s) in Scottish museums.
Culture and climate change
Introduction to culture and climate change
This guide looks at the impact of climate change on access to culture and the role that culture has in climate action. 
Carbon management
Carbon Calculators
Carbon calculators can help museums and galleries reliably measure your carbon footprint so you can reduce your energy usage.
Sustainability in museums
Circular Economy for Museums
FInd out about the circular economy and how museums can get maximum value out of the resources they consume.
Energy efficiency
Introduction to Energy Efficiency
Find out how improving energy efficiency can have multiple benefits for your museum or heritage organisation.
What is biodiversity loss and how can you combat it?
The heritage sector can help increase biodiversity levels in the UK by engaging and educating visitors on biodiversity, along with wider environmental concerns.
Energy efficiency
To improve the insulation of a building there are several steps that can be taken, which should be balanced with protecting the original heritage of the building.
Energy efficiency
Draught Proofing
Draught proofing is one of the most effective changes for energy use that can be made to a building.
Sustainability in museums
Climate action examples from museums
We've collated a range of climate action examples from museums across Scotland to inspire and inform.